Sunday, September 14, 2008

Koh Samui - We have arrived.

Bighead had to drag me from May Kaidee's kicking and screaming but eventually convinced me that it was time to head to the islands. Enough of those super mall shenanigans, it sure does feel great to be at the beach (and a tropical one at that!). Something about the ocean warms my cockles.We've been in Samui for a few days now, having done everything we needed to do in BK (besides devouring May's entire menu). Samui truly is a beautiful island. We're feelin it. We've already scored this humble abode in a quaint little spot called Bo Phut and stocked up on local fruits. The view from our studio is pretty damn special and it's really nice to have the extra space to spread our wings for a bit. The owner of the apartment is really lovely and full of useful info with regards to setting up and living on Samui.
All 'photos' will now be referred to as 'gloato's'. You know that if you want it, you just have to grab it. I'm lucky that I have Bighead as he truly is the motivational force behind this mission :)

We thought we'd have a bit of a night out on Saturday. So we threw on a clean shirt, chugged down a few Chang's (still acquiring a taste for this as not the smoothest of brews) and took off into Chaweng Centre to get the party started. As it turns out, there was a liquor ban on due to elections on Sunday and everything was closed! Maybe we'll meet some new friends next time :(

I've contacted a few schools in the area to see if I can spend some time with them, maybe I'll even try to get a job! We're still undecided as to how long we'll stay here. Do we give it a month or do we scout out other islands first in the hopes of narrowing it down a little? So many decisions!

There's one thing I know for sure and that is that Bighead is going to have an awful lot of trouble convincing me to leave this view.