Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Busy Beavers

Besides loitering in air conditioned malls we've actually been quite busy. Most of our time has been taken up riding around the island in search of a more permanent abode. Stopping only to photograph a few things that have given us...

safety first...
and fat puppy (mmm... tasty deep fried vegetarian food - more on this later).

There's some pretty cool places to rent and the range is huge. We're looking for somewhere with a bit of jungle action, possibly a bit of a view and our fingers are crossed for a pool but we'll see. Kata/Karon area is still looking like our best option. There's some really cool little soi's (streets) that run up into the hills surrounding both townships. It's all fairly exciting as it's the first real step towards setting up a life here.

I have four major things on my list to start:
  1. Get a house
  2. Get a job
  3. Begin language lessons
  4. Make some friends!
I've made contact with a couple of schools and have organised to drop my CV in at the end of the week. I'd better dust it off and polish it up, it's been a while! There are really only three international schools on Phuket, maybe I'll have to start a new one! Anyone wanna help?