Saturday, October 18, 2008

From the Balcony

Hit the town last night (a little too hard). Had a great time but have been paying for it all day today.

Went out for a delish Cambodian meal at a restaurant right on the river. Chowed down on several scummy dishes including a fish amok (national dish) which is made with melt in your mouth fish fillet pieces baked with coconut cream in a banana leaf.

Plans are to shoot up to Siem Reap maybe Monday/Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing some more of the country and I hear it's a cool little town.


JJ said...

Hi Samesame, left a message over at mine re the pottery place - same post.

I can't believe we chickened out of Cambodia next week. We are so stupid... except you know, taking the kids, I didn't want to take any risk...

samesame said...

Thanks for that. The most we've heard about the whole thing is a brief ramble from the tuk tuk driver on the way in. It's amazing how oblivious you can be to things when you're traveling and not watching any news.