Thursday, October 9, 2008

Veggie Fest Videos

Oy yoi yoi... I hope these clips aren't too slow for you as I've tried to balance size with quality. I can assure you that they'll be much quicker for you to watch, than they were for me to upload! They're each about one minute long.

The first vid is of the main part of the procession and the second will hopefully give you some idea of what the grand finale was like (although the sound doesn't translate very well!).

We sadly said goodbye to the food stalls last night as the festival has drawn to a close. And just in case I haven't been able to convey to you just how clever these people are with their 'not meats', check out this imitation chicken drum stick...I swear, it is not real chicken.

We were at the stalls fairly early in the evening and even then, there were loads of fire crackers being let off around the food stalls and temple. There was a buzz of activity about the place as locals prepared for the midnight farewell ceremony/explode-the-rest-of-your-fireworks party.

It was just like a Guy Fawkes night in Welli (except it went on waaaaaaaaaaaaay longer!). Fireworks could be seen and heard all across the city. At midnight, the explosions intensified and a seemingly endless stream of crackers echoed through the valley for close to 30 minutes. It really was quite unbelievable and there certainly wasn't much sleeping going on.

What a cool festival, something for everyone!


Brett and Kathy said...

Priceless stuff DD's.