Monday, November 17, 2008

How long has it been?

You know what, I've been feeling quite guilty about not having blogged in so long. I didn't even finish my rant about KL. The western world has sucked me in and sapped me of any spare time I once had... gone are the endless days of daydreaming in the hot hot sun... ah who am I kidding? I've just been plain lazy.

I'll have to get back to KL later because what actually inspired me to write again was this:
We bought this wee bbq for just NZ$40 and she's a little ripper. We've been spoilt with a few extremely calm, sunny days of late (not all that common in Wellington) and Bighead has been chomping at the bit to crank up the old barbie. We had two problems with this, the first being that we no longer own a bbq (problem solved with said ripper), the second being that the few friends we have left in Welli are all vegetarians! A vege barbie is all good but I must admit we were keen to have a taste of some good old kiwi beef so I called up my trusty old carnivorous bro and we were set.Doesn't it make your mouth water? Nice job boys.


mrsvic said...

i wandered if you were coming to come back to the blog! glad you did honey but now i want bbq x

samesame said...

Thanks! yeh I spose it's not really bbq weather over there right now :(