Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hello Singapore!

How did that happen?

It feels like just yesterday that we were 6 days out from leaving, it was pouring with rain and I was so cold that I was seriously concerned I would loose my fingers and toes to frost bite!

Now, here we are in Singapore! It's hot, it's beautiful and the food is soooooooo good. The flight/s were horrific, it took us about 17 hours in total to get here, but hey, it was cheap! Sometimes I'm too thrifty for my own good.

It's hard to describe the heat here. We're always fooled when exiting the plane because as soon as you get off, you can feel a slight shift in temperature as you wonder through the terminal. It doesn't even feel like there is air conditioning on in the airport. So I'm thinking to myself... this is alright, I can handle this and then the sliding doors open to exit and it's the real deal. I mean, it's hot, it's sticky, and it's all consuming. It closes in around you and threatens to suffocate. I love it and I hate it at the same time.

To make the most of our day here, we rose early this morning and headed straight out in search of food. If you know us well, you know that this is one of our biggest motivations for travel. If you've been following my journey so far, you also know that I've been dreaming about satay sticks for months now (had the first of many last night by the way and it was just as delicious as I remember!).

We jumped in a taxi who recommended we go to a market instead of town because it's Sunday and the city hasn't really woken up yet. So he drops us at this local food court and we wonder around looking at the various offerings. I'm really not too sure what most of it was, but it looked scary. I ended up choosing this little stall that had a delicious llooking array of tasty treats. I watched to see what the person in front of me was doing because I wasn't too sure how it all worked. You have to grab a bowl and fill it with the things you like and then they pour a clear broth over it, whack some noodles in and away you go! It was very tasty and just what I felt like. All for $2.50! Can't complain.

Bighead went for a Nasi Lemak which is rice, fried chicken, and stirfried greens (which we think were garlic stalks with flowers and all, so good). On the side was a very tasty coconut, chilli paste, absolutely devine.

The food was so good that I really wanted to take a photo of it for you but I'm not feeling game enough to pull out my camera just yet. I'm trying NOT to look like a tourist. The ex-pats call themselves 'pinkies' here but I think I'm more of a 'whitie'!

We're off to hit the malls now, check out some technology and buy some jandles! Couldn't find any in Welli before we left!