Friday, September 5, 2008

Assult of the Nostril

After a bit of a shit flight with Air Asia, including a late departure and very quick dash across terminals in Jakarta to meet our connecting flight, we arrived safely in the BIG MANGO! Yeh!

It feels great to be back! Although, after the pleasant aromas of Bali, Bangkok has been a bit of an assault on the old nostrils - the dominant smell being dog poo combined with an undertone of human waste. Nice.

You have to be able to look, and smell, past all the shit to get to the heart of BK and enjoy it.

In true Bighead and Samesame fashion, we've already made friends with all the local alley cats. Very pleased to see the Thai's like cats just in case we decide to bring ours over.

Much to our delight, Khaosan Rd is still the same, a bit more expensive, but still as same same as ever. We've already been busy seeking out old haunts (last seen in 2003).

We also thought we'd better check out the D&D Inn on Khaosan Rd (an old fav, bar the grumpy staff). I'm pleased to announce that not only have we been pleasantly surprised by friendlier staff, the whole place, including the rooms have had a make over. I recommend this place to anyone wanting to stay in the heart of Khaosan Rd.

The other thing I love about the D&D, is that they have a roof top garden/pool/bar/salon/internet/lookout area where you can spy on the action below.

We've wondered around quite a bit already, it's stinking hot compared to Bali. I haven't been feeling to good that last couple of days (stiff neck, headache something or other) so I've had to take it slower than usual and stop for breaks regularly, which is a bummer because I really wanna get into it. However, a wander round computer geek heaven, Pantip Plaza, in search for a lappy for Samesame and one look at Bighead's lunch perked me up heaps!

When we walked past this delightful array, I couldn't help but take a pic. Whenever I take pics like this, I always ask first. Sometimes I secretly shoot from the hip to catch the real action. In this case, I had asked first and it was fine. However, I don't think all of the cooks agreed, as while I was taking the second pic, I was pushed out of the way by someone on their way to the wok! Perhaps we won't eat here after all. Looks delish though don't ya think?


Somersetting said...

can you go and have one of those mouth watering banana and chocolate pancakes for me please...mmmmmm

samesame said...

of course! we have recently relised that they are actually martabak, like the ones we had in Bali.