Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Huia

I hear that you've been waiting patiently to see some elephants from Thailand. I've been spending far too much time eating yummy food and scuba diving to have a chance to go tramping in the jungle. After all, this is the best place to see them.

Last time I came to Thailand I was lucky enough to see a wild elephant bull in the jungle one day. He was really smelly! You could smell him from 1km away.Around the city of Bangkok they have a very rare kind of green elephant. These guys are not as shy as the wild ones so you can get really close.Here are some hard working elephants. The first group are on their way home for the day with their riders. The others are having a break in the shade and are tyed to a post with a very short rope. This means that they can hardly move. Each of these elephants has to carry tourists around everywhere in the hot sun and they also must do whatever their rider's say.
I think the wild one is the best even though he was smelly. What do you think?